AM PLAYER APK 2022 | Download AM Player APK for Movie HD.

AM Player APK Download: Are you looking for a suitable video player for watching films and shows? Don’t worry! Your arrival is exactly right! Yes, this is a platform to provide a Wonderful source to watch the movies and shows. The article is based on an AM Player. It also brings the importance of AM Player and the Downloading process. Scroll down to know the particulars of AM Player APK.


AM player is nothing but, to watch the movies and all kinds of videos in the AM player file. It’s one of the leading sources on the internet. This is a free multimedia player. It’s an Android operating system that allows you to watch films on Android and tablets.

This also allows the movie HD app for streaming films and television shows. It uses the hardware advancement for faster and trouble-free HD playback with exceptional ease and comfort.

AM Player APK File Information

NameAM Player APK
Size5.4 MB
Last Updated On2020
Installs So Far100000+
AM Player APK File Information
Download AM Player APK for Movie HD


To install the APK file on your Android, you have to enable the unknown apps option on your Android. Do follow the steps for enabling the unknown app settings and as well as installing the process of AM Player APK.

STEP1: Open Settings on your Android Device.

STEP2: In Settings, Look for Additional Settings. Actually, it may differ according to devices.

STEP3: Open “Additional Settings“.

Additional settings
Open Additional Settings

Step4: Then, Look for Privacy and in most of the devices you can look for security.

Open Privacy
Open privacy

Step5: Tap on the Unknown Sources

Click on unknown Sources
Click on unknown Sources

Step6: A Notification Appears on the screen in order to turn on the Unknown Sources. Click on OK.

Turn ON Unknown Sources
Click on OK

Step7: Now, Get Back to the and click on Download AMPlayer APK.

Step8: Download begins and completes in Seconds.

Step9: Tap on the APK file to Open. A Dialogue box appears on the screen with an option to Install. Click on install.

AM Player APK Download
Install AM Player APK

Step10: Installation begins

Step11: Once the Installation Completes, Click on Open.

Open AM Player APK
Open AM Player APP

That’s it. You have successfully installed AMPlayer on Android. Enjoy watching all your favorite movies on your Android Device using AMPlayer.


Looking to install AM Player APK for Firestick to watch Movie HD movies on your device. then, just follow the steps below to Install AM Player APK for Firestick.

Step1: Turn On Firestick/Fire TV

AM Player for Firestick
Turn On Firestick

Step2: Open Settings

Open Settings
Open Settings

Step3: Select My Fire TV and tap on it to open.

Open My Fire TV
Tap on My Fire TV

Step4: Open Device.

Step5: In Device, you can find Developer Options.

Click on Developer Option
Click on Developer Option

Step6: In the Developer Option, you can find Apps from Unknown Sources. tap on it to turn On.

Apps from Unknown Sources
Apps from Unknown Sources

Step7: Click on Turn ON.

Click on Turn ON
Click on Turn ON

Step8: Now, Get back to the Home screen and Open Search.

Open Search
Open Search

Step9: In Search, type Downloader and click on it to begin the search.

Type Downloader
Type Downloader

Step10: Select Downloader App and Open it.

Download AM Player APK using Downloader
Open Downloader

Step11: In the Downloader dashboard, click on Download.

Download AMPlayer APK
Click on Download

Step12: It will begin Downloading the Downloader App.

Step13: Click on Open.

Tap on Open
click on Open

Step14: Enable javascript from the settings.

Enable Javascript
Enable javascript

Step15: Type the AMPlayer APK for Firestick as given below in the URL box.

Step16: click on Go.

Step17: It will begin downloading the AM Player File.

Step18: A dialogue Box Appears in that Click on Install.

Install AM Player APK
Install AM Player APK

Step19: Installation begins and completes in a Minute. then Click on Done.

Open AM Player APK
Click on Done

Successfully Installed AM Player on Firestick. Now, you can watch Movies on Movie HD using AM Player without any trouble.


Yes! We are in the concluding part. Here, there are many steps to install the AM Player APK on Android and as well as firestick. AM Player is a wonderful application that is used to watch films, shows, series, and so on. So, no need to worry about further queries and doubts. The article clearly expresses the importance of the AM Player and the Installation. So, use this article for your better reference.

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