What is Allshare Cast? How to use Allshare cast Samsung Smart TV?

Hey Samsung users! Even this source is no longer available, it is the most wanted service in the past days. If you used this source once upon a time and then want to use it again, use this article for your reference. The article is going to explain the meaning of Allshare Cast and the usage of the source and how to connect it to the Samsung related devices. So, let’s get it into the topic. You have to read the entire article without skipping anything.

What is Allshare cast?

Allshare cast is one of the sources of Samsung. It allows you to share everything to the Samsung-related devices of Android devices, Smart TVs, Tablets, and other wireless networks. Now, it’s not available on the internet, because the new streaming devices are taking the power into their hands. Before Google Chromecast, this Allshare cast has its own power and provide all the essential things to the Samsung devices.

This Allshare cast offers you to share the screen from all the Samsung-related devices without a wired connection. In 2012, Samsung provided the Allshare Play app with the dongle. It gives you to watch many videos, share many pictures, and also you can present your presentation in your workplace. The source contains the WiFi connection itself. So, you can use this cast without any obstacles.

How to connect an Allshare cast to a Samsung TV?

Allshare Cast Samsung TV
What is Allshare Cast? How to use Allshare Cast Samsung TV?

This section is going to give some information to connect the Allshare cast to your Samsung smart tv. You are using this Allshare cast in your home, you can surely connect it to your smart tv and Android devices. You need to have, Samsung TV with an HDMI port or a Samsung Smart TV which is made after 2013, An AllShare Cast Dongle, and An HDMI to USB Cable. So, do follow the steps.

Step1: Initially, you can connect the Allshare cast dongle to the smart tv of Samsung through the HDMI port.

Step2: Next connect the cast dongle to a power source also. When it starts, you can see the red light.

Step3: Open the Settings option from smart TV and choose the HDMI source.

Step4: Now, you can see the red light started blinking. Here, you have to select the “Restart” option.

Step5: Next, the light changes into blue color.

Step6: It shows your cast dongle is ready to join the device. Now, you can connect the dongle to your Android device.

Step7: Launch the Samsung mobile and choose the “Quick Connect” option. Here, there is an option to connect through the “Settings” from your device. According to your device, you can connect using the methods of screen mirroring, share the view, or allshare functions.

Step8: Finally, your device is to begin the work of sharing the contents to your Samsung smart tv.

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How to connect without the dongle using the Allshare Play app?

The next method is without the dongle, you can connect the smart tv using the Allshare play app. For that, you have to need a Samsung mobile with a Samsung account which is registered, A smart Tv or a Samsung WiFi Camera or a Laptop, and WiFi Connection. Just follow the steps.

Step1: First of all connect the Samsung smart tv and mobile phone with the same WiFi connection. Then, launch the Allshare play application from the Galaxy mobile phone and register it and connect to the smart tv.

Step2: Here, you have to open the Allshare play app, and then start watching your favorite content.

Step3: You have an option to connect the smart tv, you can use the WiFi-Direct option. Here, you can watch only the local storage media programs. Otherwise, you can use the WiFi connection and start streaming your favorite content on the internet also.

The major information is, this all share play app improves as a Samsung link after a year. In this source, the major disadvantage is, it applies only to Samsung devices. But, later the Google Chromecast plays a major role. Then, the traffic of this source is decreased.

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Final Verdict

Thus, we are in the concluding part. The article explains the most important and essential methods to connect your Samsung smart tv to this Allshare cast dongle with the internet connection and the other is using the Allshare play app. If you want to go back to use this old version of Samsung Allshare cast Streaming to decide, you can use this article for your reference. Hope this article can help you in your hard times.

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