What is Aka.ms/remote connect? How to Fix it on PS4 and Minecraft?

Fix Aka.ms/remote connect Error on PS4 and Minecraft: Hello, gamers. Probably, most of the gamers bought play stations to play at home. There are so many play stations available on the online market. All of them are competitive with one another. As I guess, most of you well-known for the Minecraft game. Because there is a separate fan base for this particular game. To access the game in your play stations, you need to log in with your Microsoft account. At that time, many of the users stuck up with log-in issues. This article helps you to fix the issues in all the possible ways.

What is Aka.ms/remote connect?

Don’t feel weird when your system shows aka.ms/remote connect error. Since it is a common issue that is faced by many of the Minecraft players. Minecraft is owned by Microsoft company. Akamai also owned by Microsoft, which is a cloud-based service. Minecraft is compatible with most of the play stations like PS4, Nintendo, Xbox, and more. To connect the Minecraft server to any other play station you must have a Microsoft account. Thus, Microsoft and Minecraft are closely integrated with one another.

http://aka.ms/remoteconnect is a website that lets you sign in with your Microsoft account from any gaming device. So that you can play Minecraft game with your friends. The Microsoft account is required in almost all play stations such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, and more. Whenever you are trying to login with your account on the gaming device, you might face trouble. Don’t worry. You can troubleshoot with simple methods and overcome the issues.

What causes the Aka.ms/remote connect errors?

Aka.ms/Remote connect
What is Aka.ms Remote connect and How to Fix it?

Changes in gaming consoles:

As we all know that Minecraft provides a cross-platform feature. Perhaps, it can be assessed on multiple consoles such as PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox, as well as in iOS. Even though, you might face server issues when you change the consoles often. Hence, it is suggested to not change the gameplay devices.

Corrupted data:

When you absent to take backups regularly, your data may be broken or corrupted. In such cases, you will get the error. And so, you cannot connect the server to process it further.


When you use Antivirus on your device, there is a chance to face issues. Sometimes it may block the functions of Microsoft servers. So that, you will get an invalid verification code when you verify your account on the aka.ms/remote connect website.

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Ways to fix the Aka.ms/remote connect error on PS4 and Minecraft?

As we discussed, there are lots of errors that may raise while connecting the gaming server. To overcome those issues, we have listed few methods that are favorable for you.

1.     Restarting the gaming console:

As per the survey, this method is the most recommended one to fix the problem. Whenever you could not handle the issue, immediately you should restart your console. This will recover the system and make it error-free. Use this method to get rid of the verification code error in aka.ms/remote connect.

2.     Uninstall and reinstall Minecraft:

Sometimes you might not update the new version of Minecraft. So you will fail to get the latest features. It is recommended that to uninstall Minecraft and install it once again on the gaming console. If you do so, the latest version will be installed automatically.

3.     Create a new Microsoft account:

If any of the methods is not meets your expectations. It is better to create a new Microsoft account instead of using the existing one.

Things to remember:

  • Visit the game store of your preferred play station.
  • Download the Minecraft game.
  • You can use any of the devices to run the game. But, you have to install the paid version on at least any one of the consoles.

What is Cross-play?

Cross-play engines are helpful to play with your Minecraft friends from different consoles. To access the cross-play feature, every player must have a Microsoft account. For instance, consider that you are using an Xbox console and your friend using ps4. If you both wish to play the games together, you should enable the cross-play engine.

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How to Set up Microsoft Remote connect on Gaming consoles?

Here are the steps to connect a Microsoft account with the Minecraft game.


STEP1: Firstly, Connect your gaming device with a seamless Internet connection.

STEP2: To set up the Xbox account, go to the https://aka.ms/xboxsetup.

STEP3: It prompts to enter the Microsoft login credentials. Enter them correctly.

STEP4: As soon as enter the details, it will generate the code for you. Note it down.

STEP5: After that, enter the link http://aka.ms/remote connect to any other device. It will ask for the code, which is generated in the above step.

STEP6: Enter the code to connect your Microsoft account with the Xbox console. Finally, this website loads Minecraft through the Remote play code.


STEP1: First of all, Switch on the PS4 console. Install the Minecraft game on your PS4 console.

STEP2: Navigate into the settings option. Then, log in with your Microsoft account as you did for the Xbox console.

STEP3: It will generate the unique code to connect Microsoft with PS4. Make a note of it.

STEP4: Next, visit the website http://aka.ms/remote connect and enter the code. Now you can successfully connect the PS4 with the Microsoft account.

Final Verdict

To wrap up, this write-up helps to find a way for the common issues that occurred when connecting the remote access application. Kindly note the simple methods to get a flawless experience. So that, you can make use of the Remote Desktop connection. This article covers the different solutions to fix the common problem. It will be purely workable for Minecraft versions. You can play using any kind of console by entering the Microsoft account. That’s all with this article. I hope, these solutions will helps to solve the queries in all possible ways.

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