6 Best Games Like House Party for Android, iOS, & Windows- [Updated]

Games Like House Party: After this Pandemic situation, everything comes under online especially the way of communication turned into video conferencing. Why can’t you arrange an online party? Invite your friends to the party and have fun. Most interestingly, you can play games and watch videos together with your loved ones.

To do this, we had a popular application called House Party. But many users looking forward to exploring many games similar to the house party. There are plenty of apps available for both Android and iOS users. Let us dig them out and explore the features. Come on. Here we start.

6 Best Games Like House Party
6 Best Games Like House Party


House party games will make you stay in touch with your friends. It lets you chat, plays games, watch movies, make a video call, and much more. These applications are leading a virtual bridge to meet your friends by keeping social distance. This write-up suggests some applications listed below.

  • Bunch: Group Video Chat & Party Games
  • Rave: Watch Party
  • JusTalk
  • Airtime: Watch together
  • Discord

Bunch: Group Video Chat & Party Games

Our first discussion in this article focused on the most popular app named Bunch. This is the perfect choice for users who wants to group chat with their teammates while playing games. Ultimately, it offers several multiplayer games that really admire you. Bunch is the right place for playing games with your friends while chatting. Furthermore, it allows you to arrange a party over video calling.

Moreover, it is an excellent app where you can FaceTime with your close friends. Simultaneously, you can make a video chat with up to 8 friends. Along with that, all the members in a call can share their comments over the texting section. Some exclusive games offered by the Bunch are Draw party, Mars Dash, Buch pool, and more. When talking about clarity and quality, it does the job well and sounds good based on your internet access. Purchase this app from the Google Play Store for free of cost.

Rave – Watch Party

Look at the next suggestion named Rave. Watch your favorite videos together with your loved ones. Rave delivers the contents from various streaming portals like YouTube, Drive, Prime Video, Netflix, Disney plus, etc. Turn on your video chat with whom you want to watch the movies. It is possible to share different files in the chat. It definitely replaces the cinema theatre. You can able to hear the comments or voices of your friends even the movie is turned on.

It is pretty simple to navigate over the app. Since it has a user-friendly interface. Install this app to enjoy a watch party by listening to music, watch TV series, Web series, movies with friends virtually. That too for free of cost.  Sounds good. Right? It does exactly what you all want and expects free of charge. All in all, it is an impressive app to watch videos with family and friends that

are living in different states, thousands of miles away.

Games Like House Party – JusTalk

Dear buddies. This is the place where you can make fun with friends on video calls. The main key feature of this app is, it provides HD quality for your video. All of your information and data’s passed via this app is highly secured and end-to-end encrypted. Additionally, the team of JusTalk ensures that they don’t monitor your personal calls. You can send voice recordings, doodles, video calling, playing games, stickers sharing, photos, videos, and much more on this awful app.

Limit your groups by allowing up to 50 members at a time. This is too enough to make a group meeting or group video conferencing. JusTalk is a simple and reliable app available for free of cost. The special feature of JusTalk is, you can connect domestic or international calls from this app to a normal phone. This app is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Airtime: Watch together

Looking for privacy? Create private rooms on Airtime and talk with your friends. This app is an amazing one that allows you to watch YouTube videos while calling someone. One can watch all kinds of movies, especially from YouTube. Meanwhile, you will be in a video chat with someone. Get this cool tool in your hand-in devices and watch the live shows together with your soulmates. Enjoy a lively conversation with your close friends.

You can add friends easily and make a party with them. The key feature of this app is, it is easy to create a secret room with the person you want and chat with them. Those chats will disappear after the call ends. While watching movies, one can pass their comments over In-call text messages. With the Airtime app, you can easily create a room and invite your friends or join in your friend’s room.

Games Like House Party – Discord

Discord is a top-rated application, which contains a variety of options and features. Here, you can chat, talk, play, and hang out with your mates. It makes reliable communication anywhere at any time. It offers a chat room for a group of people to make a group video conversation. The performance of this app impacts all the users. You can send customized stickers and GIFs to your discord roommates.

Discord offers the users to turn their images into custom emojis and share them with whom they want. It is compatible with both mobile devices as well as personal computers. Most notably, it doesn’t limit the users in group chattings. And so, you can feel free to invite people as much as you want. You can join the chat room invited by your friends. You can even create a virtual room to start video chatting. This app is recommended for arranging meetings too. The clarity of video and audio is pretty good and it highly depends on your Internet connectivity.


To sum up, the above-discussed applications are closely competitive with one another. Install them from the App Store or Play store according to your devices such as iPhone and Android respectively. Enjoy the party with your crazy mates and play with them. All the recommended features are stuffed into those applications. Try them and bring the features out. That’s all with this article. I hope, this article suggested a way to explore the unique features of each application.

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