6 Best Apps to Hide Apps for Android & iOS

Best Apps to Hide Apps: Hey guys. We all have some secrets that we never want to reveal to no one. Our mobile phones are turned into perfect secret partners. We used to hide all the important confidential messages and evidence in our hand-in devices. In such cases, when someone asks your phone for any sake, you might feel panic. Right?

Hereafter, you don’t feel uncomfortable when your friends or anyone else scrolls your phone. Because we are going to hide the applications which compiled with your secrets. Come on. Let us surf the best applications to hide the applications.

6 Best Apps to Hide Apps for Android & iOS
6 Best Apps to Hide Apps for Android & iOS

Best Apps to Hide Apps

There are millions of app-hiding applications stuffed into the play store. Having a vast amount of apps on the Google store, you might be confused to pick the right one. This article highlights the best applications among the overall apps. So that, you can choose the best choice. Here is a list of applications dropped below for your sight.

  • Nova Launcher
  • Hide Photos, video-Hide it pro
  • App hider – Hide apps hide photos multiple accounts
  • Notepad vault – AppHider
  • Vault

Best Apps to Hide Apps – Nova Launcher

The first and foremost app we are going to discuss in this article is Nova Launcher. The most important key feature is, it is highly customizable as per the user’s convenience. Install this app and launch it on your smartphone. It works rapidly and gives a quick response to your actions. It works as a home screen replacement. Ultimately, it works well for multiple purposes of user needs.

Once you install the Nova Launcher, jump into the App drawer section then hide the required apps by marking checkboxes. First of all, it will turn into a default launcher for your phone. You can organize the app drawer and import the hidden apps into a separate folder. Furthermore, it removes apps from the app drawer without uninstalling them. The user themselves customize the swiping gestures and custom actions to see the icon of hidden apps.

Hide Photos – video-Hide it pro

Look at the next suggestion of our article. This app literally crossed 20 million users with fruitful features. What do you want to hide? Photos, videos, music, application, voice notes, call logs, messages, and much more can be hidden into this one application. You can generate a secret PIN to unlock your secrets. In addition to the PIN feature, you can set up Patterns, passwords, and fingerprint protection too.

It will be cleared from the recently used application list. So that, you can use and give it to your friends without having fear. If Fingerprint locking is all you need, then this will be a perfect choice. You can able to hide the icon of this app from your mobile phone app drawer. So that, no one can notice that you having this app. Try out this app to hide whatever you want to keep out of sight from others. If you used to do with a free version, try out the pro version to get an amazing experience.

App hider – Hide apps hide photos multiple accounts

The name of this app directly proposes the message of what it does. App hider is an outstanding application available on the play store. When you enter on this app, this looks like a normal calculator. And so, no one will get doubt. It works similarly to the actual calculator. If you put the secret password, you will get into the hidden section. You cannot reach the hidden information until you put in the right password.

It is pretty simple to hide the icon of this app from the home screen. Using the password gestures you can see the icon badges. Along with the icon badges, it hides the photos and videos you don’t want to share with anyone. Not only does it hide apps, but can also save your space if you face storage issues. Moreover, it works as a clone of apps that run dual apps. Try this app available for free of cost. It also contains in-app purchases.

Notepad vault – AppHider

Do you need a secured app to protect your secrets? Here it is. It functions just like a notepad. But, you only know your password to turn the notepad into the vault. The best part of using this app is, it will get locked whenever you switch over to any other app. Its icon will turn out into a notepad after setting the pin. You can hide anything you wish to, even muting the notifications from hidden apps can be done easily. It is considered to be the best App hider and also useful to hide photos, videos, etc.

Furthermore, the notepad screen is the main interface on this app. You need to create a password to unlock your private things, whichever is hidden behind the notepad. The notepad modification cannot be identified by anyone else. Like the notepad apps, one can write notes and save them in this app. Use this app for hiding pictures, messages, chattings, videos, and more.


Vault is a famous app hiding application. It has millions of users. No one can open the vault except you. It is an excellent app to hide your secret things. You can hide the icon of this app from the home screen. Without having a password, no one can enter into this app. Vault is a trustworthy application you have ever used. Both the free version and premium version contain plenty of features.

All the hidden photos and videos are back up on cloud storage. Furthermore, you can hide text messages, call logs, contacts, and even Facebook chats too. It is possible to put the password to lock other applications on your phone. Whenever you are entering into the password-protected apps, you need to enter a valid PIN. Otherwise, you cannot go ahead with the apps. The pro-version includes even more impressive features such as hide individual contacts, break-in alerts, 5 GB of cloud storage space, and much more.

Final Verdict

To end up, all the above-mentioned applications are competitive with one another. All of them keep your private data and information to be safe and secured by all means. No one can view your personal things without having your permission. Protect your secrets by using these immersive applications. That’s all with this article. I hope, this article satisfies your expectations regarding the best hiding apps.

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